Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 1 - I am here!!

Well gang, finally I am here!! YEAH!! After almost 30 hrs of travel, what with a plane being fixed, missing connections, and the level 8 typhoon which hit here today, I was a bit longer in the travel. Good thing about the delays though cuz I would have missed the plane if not.....

Well I finally got to Chicago after a 6 hr delay, and our first plane parked right next to the 747 going to HK...someone was watching over me. 15 minutes to spare...on an international flight!! You know why they call those west-east coast overnights the "redeyes' dont you? Well, I am calling the 15+ hr over the pole to HK trip the "red body" for the same reason. Man, I feel like a pretzel...AND I got up and walked, stretched, etc. A LOT!! The small Asian woman sitting next to me took over my seat everytime I left!! Saw Kung Fu Panda...cute..and now I am One
With the MIC...kakoi,,, rest and be one with the mic...yes, oh great master of the airways!!! Shure-Pan....

Finally got to HK, was whisked thru Immigration and customs, by the super welcoming staff, put on a bus and am now back at the super Riverside Hotel, which is only 1.5 miles from the stadium. I am off tomorrow am for my passes and credentials, followed by a course walk, and hopefully a meeting with my athlete friends ( and yes, of course my sister - in-law, the Olympian, and her husband the Olympic coach....) follow along with our family tradition....those of you may remember the 50th HK thong....ask Karen later about it if you are not in the know!!!!!

Rained and typhooned all day here, I hear...most HK-ians (is that a term) go home to , yes it's coming....ride it out, but only the riders tried to Ride it out in the ring...jumps were falling over, rain coming sideways...sound like a real event kind of day!!

Well, I am sitting here at 1Am after a 30+ hr day, am exhausted, and can't go to sleep...what's that about? More tomorrow on the OCONNOR OLYMPIC ODDESSEY!! O-3 , i have called it,



At Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at 2:07:00 PM EDT , Blogger Jennifer said...

Nifty Neat! Max's Point Of View, and Yours! It's going to be as cool as being there, without the air pollution and the bad food.

All the best to the US Team, especially Karen & Mandiba. May all the schooling sessions be filled with clouds to block the humid sunshine, and gentle winds to keep the bugs away.


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